Bay Area’s Cities – Nation’ Best Prepared for the Future



Good news for Bay Area residents and homeowners who are in it for the long haul: Our region’s two largest cities have been named the nation’s most prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

That’s according to findings from a recent conference by Harvard University and computer giant Dell, which ranked the top 25 most future-ready cities in America based on three major economic criteria:  the ability to attract innovative citizens, businesses that thrive on collaboration, and infrastructure strength. Based on those factors, San Jose stands as the most future-prepared city in the U.S., ranking high for its job market, worker productivity, and wage growth. San Francisco ranks No. 2 for future-readiness, earning points for human capital, innovation, and investment.

San Jose and San Francisco also had some of the highest percentages of college-educated residents in the country, although the summit found that both trail other top future-ready cities in terms of infrastructure.


Source: Pacific Union blog