Alina is an awesome realtor! She has an outstanding work ethic and a great deal of industry experience, knowledge, and a high degree of professionalism. I was referred to her by friends and contacted her by email on a Sunday morning after viewing a condo that I absolutely wanted and knew was in high demand. She called me within an hour to introduce herself and discuss the details. She went to view the condo the very next day (Monday), toured the complex, got answers to a number of questions (many I had not even thought to ask when I first viewed the condo), and even got a thumb drive with all the CC&Rs. She met me that evening and negotiated an excellent price with the seller that I was very happy with. She walked me through the entire process and made sure everything went smoothly. She would be an excellent advocate and representative for any buyer and as others have said, she is detail oriented and very knowledgeable about her field. I feel so fortunate that I was referred to her and would recommnend her to anyone I know. Thank you, Alina!

Pamela Nakagawa
Buyer, San Francisco

I would highly recommend Alina as a broker. We were referred to her by our friends.
She negotiate on our behalf and win us both a good price and a good closing terms. All our requests are fulfilled and we couldn’t be happier!
Her deep knowledge in this business and her willingness to educate us make the legal terms vivid and meaningful.
She is hard working and quick responsive: I often ask questions at around midnight and I was so moved to receive emails from her at 1am in the morning and weekends.
These qualities ensures our buying process a smooth, informative and pleasant one. Thank you, Alina!

Zhang Jingwei
Buyer, San Francisco

Alina is fantastic to work with. She is very knowledgeable and is always on the conservative side. She does her homework and performs extensive research on comps and offers timely and helpful information regarding the local market place. She is tireless when it comes to open houses and marketing events. She is very trust worthy and will represent you very well.

Emily Y.
Buyer & Seller, San Francisco

Alina is a fantastic real estate agent to work with. As a first time buyer, Alina’s professionalism, in depth inside knowledge of the market, experience, and patience was absolutely critical in helping us find the right house. Alina is a straight shooter and puts her client’s interests first, giving me detailed insights and laying out all the pros and cons objectively throughout our process of looking at over 30 houses over 3 months without any hint of pressure to buy. Thanks to her extreme attention to detail, the closing process went through without a hitch. Needless to say, I highly recommend Alina for all your real estate needs and hope to work with her again.

Alex Lee
Buyer, San Francisco

Alina is really detailed and worked hard. She was always available when I had questions or concerns. She made my life a lot easier just having her as my agent.

Jason M.
Home seller in San Francisco

Alina is very thorough and professional. I would recommend her highly to anyone buying or selling residential real estate in San Francisco.

Gail D.
Home Seller, San Francisco

Alina is one of the agent that I wish to introduce to my friends. She was extremely helpful and responsible agent.

Condo buyer, San Francisco

Alina was very helpful and went beyond her duties and she should be commended for a job well done. Thank you, Alina!

Diane and Bobby Chase
Home Sellers, San Francisco

As first time home buyers, we relied on Alina’s unique San Francisco experience, knowledge and advice. Alina always had the right contacts, could share a relatable experience, or simply knew the perfect place to get pastries when we were running out of energy. Alina also seemed to be ever-available and had boundless energy. We wholly recommend Alina to any prospective buyers who are seeking a professional with a sincere and thoughtful persona.

Home Buyers, San Francisco

Alina was assigned to us automatically by the ZIP Realty site and we were very lucky to have her! We began our search for a home getting to know the market informally. We were not seeking any realtor contact as we had no intent to bid: we instead spent several months looking at web sites, attending open houses, etc. A few months into this process we happened onto a property that caught our interest enough to consider bidding, but we had not yet learned how to proceed with pre-approval, financing, bidding, etc. Alina
had previously sent us an e-mail inviting us to call her for any needs we might have…and so we called her cell phone late on a Saturday afternoon to ask if she could assist us with navigating our way to a possible bid the following Tuesday. Alina returned our call quickly and was wonderful, offering to meet us at the house of interest the next morning and arriving with much information. She provided several helpful documents for us to review so that we could better understand the process and also spent an hour walking us through the steps and considerations of bidding on a property. She also gave us several good leads on the pre-approval process and put us in touch (via e-mail) with individuals to help expedite the pre-approval process for us. Her assistance and referrals were excellent. Although we elected not to rush into a bid on that property, Alina continued to work with us to identify and consider many properties over the next few months. Every step along the way Alina was responsive, knowledgeable, conscientious and pleasant. She instinctively matched her pace to ours and understood exactly where we were. Her perspective and guidance were extremely valuable. Ultimately her instincts and wisdom provided us with the confidence and resources we needed to move forward quickly and successfully bid on a house that was ideal in almost every aspect. A very happy ending! Finally, Alina is a pleasure as a person. Kind and thoughtful, she placed us in the hands of a very competent and helpful colleague while she was away over the holidays. She also spent much time entertaining our 3 year old son while we toured houses or completed walk-through inspections. We recommend her highly!

Home Buyer, San Francisco

Alina is extremely quick and responsive in all that she does. In addition, she was very proactive about seeking out potentials properties and always keeping an eye out for opportunities for us. She is honest to her trade and speaks her mind with her opinions on any property without sugar-coating or biased interest, which I find rare and refreshing. I never felt I was rushed to complete a transaction nor did I feel Alina was working for any other agenda than that of my own. Thanks Alina for the great work! We are very happy with your new property.

Vincent L.
Condo Buyer, San Francisco

Alina was great from day 1. She was automatically assigned to me through the ZIP website (which is really great, by the way!) and I was not sure if I were going with her or someone else. Upon initial contact, she just sounded really professional and competent, then we met and we clicked. She is not pushy at all, although when something good came up, she made sure I looked at it. I did, loved it, and I ended up buying the place. She was super fast in processing the offer and very persistent with the follow-up throughout my extremely lengthy and frustrating loan approval process (FHA…) I would definitely recommend ZIP and Alina to anyone.

Luke D.
Condo Buyer, San Francisco

Alina was available to us almost 24 hours a day. She seemed to care about our transaction as much as we did! She totally understood us and made the experience of buying our first house completely smooth!

Home Buyer, San Francisco